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Where Artistry Meets Inspiration

Welcome to Gems of Joy Designs! We provide durable, high-quality handcrafted jewelry and accessory items and provide the utmost care in producing beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces. We are glad that you decided to visit us and would love to build a long-term friendship with jewelry lovers from around the globe!

Murano Glass Heart Pendant

Gallery Lookbook

New Arrivals

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to something a little extra special. It's like going on a treasure hunt for that one rare piece that no one else owns.

Frosted Berry Wire Wrapped Ring
Frosted Ice Wire Wrapped Ring
Frosted Sea Green Wire Wrapped Ring
Lemon Drop Wire Wrapped Ring
Frosted Lilac Wire Wrapped Ring
Frosted Blush Pink Wire Wrapped Ring
Soft as a Rose Collection
Soft as a Rose Wire Wrapped Ring
Soft as a Rose Wire Wrapped Ring
Soft as a Rose Wire Wrapped Ring
Porcelain Detachable Tassel Earrings
Polka Dot Front Closure Necklace
Flirty, scallop ruffle ribbon choker
Birthday Ribbon Hair Barrettes
Gemstone Wire Wrapped Necklace
Peacock Blue Cluster Earrings
Faceted Crystal Rondelle Dangles
Blooming Rose Ring
Criss Cross Ring
Soft Lavender Glass Dangled Earrings
Chloe Gumball Earrings
Rose Gold Medillions
Lavender Bliss Drop Earrings
Pink Gumball Earrings
Pumpkin Spice Beaded Bracelet
Burgundy Wine Wrap Bracelet
Rose Gold Topaz Teardrops
Purple Raindrop Dangled Earrings
Murano Glass Leaf Pendant Choker
Glitter Gold Plum Choker
Purple Crush Wire Wrapped Ring
Hula Hoop Ring

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